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Bed Bug

Bed Bug Control


Vacuuming and laundering at high temperatures provides short-term relief, but if there are bedbugs on a mattress cover, it is likely that bedbugs and their eggs are also present within the mattress, sheets and elsewhere within a home. Although vinyl covers are also sometimes used to prevent mattress infestation, bedbugs can thrive in a variety of locations indoors.

If you even suspect that you might have bed bugs, it is best to catch it early and call a professional - though most people don't know they have a problem until they really have a problem. It can be hard to notice their presence until the infestation has reached a certain severity, usually when the bites become significantly noticeable.

Our Process

We start by inspecting your home to see just how severe your bed bug problem is. It can be difficult to give an accurate quote before determining the scale and scope of treatment needed, so your technician will wait until after the inspection is complete. Keller guarantees your satisfaction - we will stay with you until our treatment has been effective in solving your bed bug problem.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

  • Bedbug bites which are distinguished from other insects by their orderly rows, likely caused by a single bug. 
  • Molted skins - typically found along mattress seams, behind head boards, in the corners of walls near the ceiling, and along baseboards
  • Fecal spots can be found practically anywhere with a large infestations, but are most likely to be seen in electrical outlets, on the wood frame of box springs, along mattress seams, in corners near the ceiling, and on baseboards.
  • Bed bug aggregations - bed bugs usually aggregate after feeding, but these clusters aren't always immediately obvious in smaller infestations. Here you will find live bed bugs in multiple stages, cast skins, fecal spots, and eggs.
Oliver Arend 2013

Oliver Arend 2013

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