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Bird Control and Removal 

Treatment Methods

Our treatment methods are individually designed to fit whatever pest issues you may currently be experiencing and provide protection from further bird control problems in the future. We guarantee to service any type of bird problem you may have, including both residential and commercial, with methods and treatments that meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy.


Damage Caused by Birds

Unwanted bird pests cause millions of dollars of damage every year to buildings, machinery, automobiles, roofs, ventilation systems and much more.  Birds can damage and steal crops, and may also affect livestock and pets.

Bird droppings and nesting materials which, if allowed to accumulate, can pose a variety of health and safety issues and become very serious if they are not corrected immediately.


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Our Innovative Treatments

Typically, netting or spikes are used to cover areas where birds tend to congregate or roost, which does help prevent some damage, but only treats one of the symptoms of the problem without providing a full remedy. Electronic devices that emit an ultrasonic noise that repels birds from the area may be used as well. However, birds can adapt very quickly to this method so using a treatment method that alters their behavior more significantly, like the aforementioned netting or spikes that prevent roosting, may result in more success. Organic scent and taste aversions in the form of granules can also be implemented in the treatment of bird control. Whichever method is chosen, your unique situation is always approached with an individual treatment plan designed to most effectively provide relief to your bird control problem.

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