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Healthcare Facilities

Safe and Effective Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities


Healthcare Facility Pest Control

At Keller, we realize the health care industry has become increasingly concerned with the presence of pesticides in its facilities. We understand the need for both effective and environmentally friendly pest control services.


Pest Management for Hospitals

At Keller we understand that hospitals and healthcare professionals have the highest of standards for safe and effective pest management. And we do too. Keller Pest Control continually strives to use the most effective and safe treatment methods and products available in the industry. We are aware of the impact our actions have on our client's well-being and property and remain diligent in serving with responsibility and accountability. That's why our treatment methods follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management.

Walleigh 2012

Walleigh 2012


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is built on the idea that the safety of our technicians and of the people we service is our top priority as a pest control company. Because of this, IPM focuses on developing a better understanding of insect behavior and therefore a better understanding of how to effectively treat pest problems in a way that is also safe for the environment. It is a departure from the school of thought that "if one bottle of pesticide was good, then two bottles is really good." That philosophy not only puts the health of technicians at risk by placing them in close contact with high levels of chemical day in and day out, but it is also detrimental to the customer, their family, and their pets. Instead, Keller appreciates the faith our clients place in our ability to solve their pest problems and prevent new ones in a satisfactory manner while always keeping your well-being and safety a top priority,


Medical Offices and Clinics

Covering an assortment of medical and dentist offices, Keller Pest Control understands that our clients belong to an industry where sanitation is paramount not only to their success, but to the well-being of their clients. No matter how reputable your business may be, an infestation or even just one pest sighting can be enough to harm business and drive a client away.

Shabraao 2013

Shabraao 2013

Mouzi 2009

Mouzi 2009

Our technicians have received the best training and experience the industry has to offer. Keller Pest Control ha not only the most effective treatment plans, but the also the safest methods for both you and the environment.


Pest-free Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Keller knows that when selecting an assisted living community, the quality of the property is very important. The families of your tenants want to be certain that they are living in an environment that is free from health risks like unwanted pests. Even the highest quality nursing home is susceptible to infestations including bed bugs, termites, and more. Choose Keller Pest Control to help maintain a pest-free environment for you and your clients.

Thomas Bjorkan 2012

Thomas Bjorkan 2012

If you would like more information about our Health Care Facility pest management programs please contact us.